Anniversary Essays

In 2011-2012, Geography at Maynooth celebrated 40 years. To mark the year, we compiled forty Anniversary Essays. Contributions were sought from anyone who has worked in the department and associated centres and institutions. The only proviso was that essays to be included in the collection were to have been mostly written or finished in Maynooth, even if the essay was based on research or teaching practice that occurred elsewhere. The idea was for these to be ‘Maynooth essays’; essays reflecting work that was finished and signed off here. To capture the wide range of writing practices in the department,  contributing essays could be academic journal articles (single- or co-authored), book chapters, short reports, or blog posts i.e. essays written for a weblog such as NUIM Geography’s Eye on the World or Ireland After Nama, two (of the many) blogs in which Maynooth geographers publish.

The final collection is a rich resource, which we hope anyone interested in Geography — whether in Maynooth, Ireland or more generally — will enjoy.

You can download both volumes here:

Volume 1 (Book 1, 7mb, pdf file):

Volume 2 (Book 2, 24mb, pdf file)

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